The factory 2.0 TFSI air-box functions efficiently on a typical vehicle. As strength is elevated by means of tuning, nevertheless, this quickly gets a significant limitation, reducing the excess power provided. Making sure the motor will get access to plenty of air will be extremely important when growing energy, an open up cone air-intake program may be the best approach of attaining this, however, not almost all items are made equivalent.

Having caused several intake solutions during software program development, we observed too little high quality and much more importantly, high moving kits available. Functioning alongside a number of the greatest names within the air-conditioning filter market, we built and designed what’s still among the top flowing products accessible.

Pioneering style enables air to attain turbocharged as fast as possible whilst reducing turbulence and limitation. Because of this, boost could be maintained for much longer, providing you access in order to even more power through the entire rev-range plus an even more aggressive audio, plus performance it is possible to experience completely towards the redline.

Revo 2.0TFSI Intake


The particular Revo engineering group knew that to generate the very best kit, every single component needed to be thought to maximize and even airspeed. The machine was created around a light-weight 90mm intake tube, mandrel bent to keep the interior size in the sides and to develop a one-piece option. This provides excellent movement plus avoids the environment disturbance and level of resistance encountered on intake kits along with several sections, generally triggered at each sign up for leading to very thrashing air flow, ultimately limiting functionality.


Ensuring appropriate MAF (Bulk VENTILATION ) sensor climbing may be the real artwork with regard to designing air flow intake systems if wrong the intake program can actually decrease strength and result in main fuelling concerns. The particular Revo package combines the share MAF sensor within a specifically made casing in the one-piece tube to ensure appropriate scaling during fit.


A consumption program is seeing that good as the filtration system. This kit arrives filled with a proven Revo three-layer foam filtration system with an amazing 857cm² surface, backed simply by galvanized, epoxy-coated nylon uppers to guarantee the filtration system can not collapse. The filtration system includes a large 180mm exterior diameter entire body along with a clean radius aluminum bell mouth area, specifically made for the best air flow from the filtration system to pipe-work. Revo three-stage foam filter systems work very in different ways to conventional document or cotton-gauze, that are surface area filters made to snare particles in the external layer, immediately leading to restriction.


Revo froth filter systems function simply by trapping grime contaminants within each one of the oiled foam levels, enabling surroundings to settle its method with the filtration system, reducing limitation and offering a lot longer program intervals. We all examined the filtration system at a respected electric motor testing center ‘Mira’ on a business accepted dust insert check. On a complete dirt load check, the particular foam filtration system had been discovered to be 99. 1% effective, filtering right down to five microns and will be offering the very least level of restriction more than comparable products.


The intake systems includes a laser-cut aluminum warmth shield that guarantees the filter is definitely well insulated through ambient under-bonnet temps. The shielding was created to utilize the ducting within the stock factory grill to increase airflow and stop heat-soak.


The silicone tubes contained in the kit are made using high-quality auto-grade silicone, engineered to mix the machine using moved necks to provide the steady transition associated with air in order to avoid disturbance. The turbo inlet line has also already been specifically made to match both K03 and K04 turbocharged driven cars.