First things first, what is the Lexus brand?

Lexus is one of the most awarded car brands, offers seamless driving, high-quality comfort, and holds an impressive resale value.

Lexus dominates the vehicle awards world. The brand continues to win quality awards and tops the list for best vehicle in its class. A few of its most notable recent achievements include:

Lexus RX Best Luxury 2-Row SUV by U.S. News & World Report (2017)
Best Overall Luxury Brand by Kelley Blue Book Brand Image Awards (2016 and 2017)
Most Trusted Luxury Brand by Kelley Blue Book Brand Image Awards (2016 and 2017)
J.D. Power Dependability Award (2018)
Edmunds’ Most Wanted Award for the RX 350 and ES 350 (2017)
Is Lexus a good car? The awards speak for themselves.

Smooth driving reaches the heart of every Lexus.

Lexus is the go-to luxury brand because its vehicles drive like champions. Advanced engineering allows for gentle and seamless driving experiences. Lexus cars are recognized for delivering peaceful rides.

The LS and ES Lexus models give riders superior comfort and optimal handling on the road. The LS uses a multimode drive system to boost its suspension. Thus giving drivers more control and allows for a polished ride.

Is Lexus a good car? When it comes to driving, it’s nothing but smooth sailing. Passengers and drivers alike agree that riding in a Lexus is always serene.

Sitting in a car never felt better.

Lexus doesn’t design vehicles merely to look nice. Inside a Lexus, comfort is king. The cabin of every vehicle combines comfort with high-performance.

The Lexus quality standards are high. From the inside cloth to the position of the steering wheel, every aspect is made for the driver. Lexus enhances the driving experience with state-of-the-art features and technology.

If you’re still questioning if Lexus is a good car, bear in mind that dependability is the backbone of the brand.

Lexus received J.D. Power and Associate’s Most Dependable Vehicle Award for the seventh year in a row. The brand ranked highest overall among all the luxury car brands.

Lexus engines ensure high-quality at the liquid metal stage. Its metal contains fewer gasses, which makes it stronger. The high-quality care implemented throughout the manufacturing process is excatly why Lexus vehicles are dependable, reliable, and durable.

Lexus is not the student, however the teacher. The brand constantly leads the market when it comes to new and ground breaking features in its vehicles.

Lexus was the first luxury hybrid in the world. It had been the first brand to include an eight-speed programmed transmission. Lexus vehicles were the first to feature led low-beam headlamps to boost nighttime vision.

Is Lexus a good car? When you drive a Lexus, you’re driving a leader in the car world.

Lexus engineering puts much emphasis on fuel efficiency. If you’re looking for gas guzzler to burn a hole in your wallet, Lexus isn’t for you.

lexus lx have the best mileage across the market. The Lexus ES 300h is the reigning champion. Most Lexus sedans get between and 26 and 31 MPG, with hybrid sedans reaching 40 MPG.

Lexus manufactures reliable vehicles with some of the best fuel efficiency ratings available in the market.

It’s no secret that Lexus vehicles are high-quality. Selling your Lexus is straightforward when the brand carries one of the highest resale values on the marketplace.

A car’s value drops 10% when you drive it home. Over the course of five years, luxury vehicles typically lose about 40% with their value. But Lexus continues to dominate resale value.

Year after year, Kelley Blue Book recognizes Lexus because of its high resale value. Lexus received Kelley Blue Book’s Best Resale Value for Best Luxury Cars for the Lexus GS in 2017. Edmunds in addition has acknowledged Lexus vehicles as luxury cars that retain their value.

Is Lexus a good car? It is when you buy and it still is when you sell it.

Lexus adheres to high-quality standards because of its customers as well as its environment. Lexus vehicles are long-lasting, hold their value, and don’t pollute their world.

Lexus’s hybrid vehicles have been its most effective push for going green. Its hybrids reduce energy when you are more fuel efficient than other sedans.

Yes, Toyota owns Lexus. So if Toyota makes Lexus, why not simply buy a Toyota?

While the cars share the same parent company, they’re unique vehicles. Lexus takes great strides to differentiate itself from the Toyota brand.

Will you pay more for a Lexus? Certainly. The price reflects its high-quality cabin, drive, fuel efficiency, and reliability.

Toyota and Lexus vehicles have similar drivetrains and include comparable features. But they’re produced through different processes. Toyota is a trusted brand, but Lexus regularly beats it.
Lexus’ L-finesse design philosophy means that every car in the number has a distinctive presence. A combo of confident proportions, bold, lithe lines and unexpected sculptural surfaces creates a feeling of intrigue. Additionally, intricate detailing found in lights and grilles catches the attention, drawing the viewer in.

Lexus Car Design
Streets are tough places to negotiate, so it is important for cars to command them. Body work lines on the Lexus range have a resolute presence. Between them, surfaces are precisely honed, creating vivid reflections and highlights.

New Lexus NX
Lexus cars have long bonnets with swooping lines that create a taut, sculptural appearance and a feeling of speed. Employed in harmony, the front fenders bulge out over the front wheels, helping to further increase the sense of road-holding. Every car in the number dives at the front, the angles of the spindle grille completing an aggressive and dynamic aesthetic.

Lexus LS 500h front
Prominent wheel arches on Lexus cars highlight the feeling of sure-footedness. Over the SUV range, wheel arches are angled upwards at the trunk, creating intriguing reflections and providing a sense of determined direction. This feature also reduces the visual height of the vehicles, making them feel sportier.

Lexus Car Design – UX
At the rear, Lexus design elements accentuate the width of your body, planting your vehicle on the road. Edges towards the outside of the rear bumper on the RC F form corners, increasing the sense of stability. Similarly, rear lights on the Lexus range appear to be they are simply chiselled from the bodywork, with pronounced outermost edges that lead the attention horizontally.

Lexus LS – rear
Unexpected surface shapes and juxtapositions throughout the exterior assistance to create a sense of mystery and dynamism. For example, the angled surface towards the bottom of the doors of the RX accelerates rapidly upwards, setting up a dart-like effect, visually lightening the automobile.